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Dan Clark

Dan Clark

Dan Clark


About Me.

Software Engineer/Architect

I'm Dan Clark, a software engineer with over 20 years of experience developing products. I started a software consulting company in the early 2000s which was successful and eventually pushed me to check out the stock market. I quickly became enamored with the fast pace of the market, the macro-economics, geo-political angles, earnings announcements, huge profits/losses, etc which seemed like the ultimate puzzle to me. I read dozens of books about trading, market fundamentals, etc and created my own trading thesis. I started trading on the stock and futures market in 2007, and eventually built my own automated trading system from scratch after many months of sleep deprived trading. The automated trading system had its ups and downs (at one point making a 6 figure profit in a few hours) over the years, but it is still running after almost 10 years continuously. I am very much in to trading on the stock, futures and crypto markets to this day and will probably always be highly in to it.

When I was a child, I did not watch almost any television, but one of the first shows I watched as a teenager was Star Trek (The Next Generation) which made me a life long fan. One of the many things that fascinated me about the show (beyond the superb writing and acting) was the idea of an android that could possess the sum of all human knowledge, and the ability to constantly incorporate new knowledge. In 2008, I began building a natural language processing system after reading many books on functional grammars, ontologies, generative grammars, etc. The idea behind the system was that it could represent language in a manner similar to humans, and allow reasoning, instrospection by an agent for meta level thinking, ingestion of new knowledge using plain english, and question answering (up to paragraph long questions). As of today, I have built a system capable of being told new knowledge in english as if it were a child, and then being able to answer questions about what it just learned. Reasoning, introspection, etc are still under development which I may blog about here.

Over the years, I have done many projects involving compression algorithms, blockchain/crypto, computer vision, and machine learning. I am a big believer of self quantification and have actively self-tracked my exercise, steps , sleeping, etc for almost a decade. I plan on taking this a step further in the future when I have more free time. I am an avid reader, consuming information from books and scientific/tech websites on a daily basis for the last 20 years (I've made it a daily habit , like brushing your teeth).

I was also struck by the idea of society (re: Star Trek) that was post-capitalism and post-scarcity where any person could fully ascend to the top of Maslow's hiearchy unencumbered by trivial basic needs (food, shelter, clothing). The question of what we could become , and acheive if we could transcend our basic needs is the basis of all my areas of interest. I firmly believe there have been ( and will be) many people born who could have developed to become the Albert Einsteins of the world if unshackled and given the gift of education and practice. I believe self-improvement , introspection , and emotional intelligence are critical in life and relationships. I strive to always be better than I was yesterday and to help every human achieve their fullest potential

Personal Information

  • Favorite LanguagesC# & C++
  • Favorite
  • Favorite WebsiteYCombinator
  • Favorite BookThe Order of Time (Rovelli)
  • Favorite BookSurfaces & Essences (Hofstadter)
  • ResidenceSan Francisco, CA
  • Emailme (at)


Linux & Windows

I develop software on Ubuntu, Debian and Windows. I also have written software to run on SoC (system on a chip) systems like Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black, etc

Full Stack Engineer

I am a full stack engineer. I work with everything from jQuery to C++ to Java to MySQL to Oracle on a daily basis


I'm a big fan of NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Redis, MarkLogic, etc. I also use relational databases such as Oracle, SQLite, etc daily

3D Printing

Extremely in to 3d printing (I own multiple 3D printers), SolidWorks, Cura and integrating prints with hardware like Raspberry Pi or LattePanda, etc

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San Francisco/Bay Area, CA